mardi 20 avril 2010

Seedfuck already on Iphone

Hey i see a community around the seedfuck code initially in C#.. This snippet relayed by hack45 and quickly brought in java, php, C + + / Qt, and Python.So i give you a tips to run this apps on your Iphone with Winpwn (Iphone must be Jailbrea):
-Run Cydia Installer and go to Java section and select iPhone/Java
-Install Jikes (java compiler)
Run Terminal (installed above) and use java (jikes) compiler to compiler your program.
For example:
jikes -cp /usr/lib/rt.jar
For start seedfuck:
java seedufuck

Thx to BurningMace for the code and Vangelis for porting.
Great Hack45 for your hactivism !

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